June 21, 2024

How to choose the perfect home – Home is where you belong!

How to choose the perfect home. In May 2018, I moved into my first house. They won’t sign my name on the front door because it’s considered a sign that they don’t respect me. However, I am the sole owner of the papers. How do I feel? Joy. Quiet. Balance. Comfort. Freedom. Independence. I am independent. I own my space, and I can do whatever I want.

I envisioned a home in my yard, complete with lots of green space and vegetables. I can already picture myself writing in the rocking chairs, reading in the hammock, or swimming in the backyard’s metal pool.

How do you select the right home for you?
Create a list of the key characteristics for your dream house.

I looked at prices for houses as well as pool prices. I imagined what my yard would look and where the pool would be located, as well as where the sunbeds would go. Due to the high prices, the possibility of owning a pool is not an impossible dream anymore.

You can now find affordable pools with premium quality. Metal pools are ideal, whether they are in-ground or oval. Rectangular pools are great too, but think about how beautiful an oval pool would look in your lush green garden with its many flowers and tall firs. German-made swimming pool designs are available at some of the most affordable prices. Are you looking for the best home pool for your money? Visit PiscineIeftine.ro to get started!

How do you select the right home for you?
Don’t let emotion get in the way of your decision-making!

While I was also thinking about the names I would give my cats and dogs, I thought of what type of home I might end up buying. An apartment! Why choose an apartment? Apartments are less expensive than houses. Lower utility and facility costs. Lower home maintenance costs. Home maintenance is less labor-intensive and takes up less of your time. Although the benefits of living in a house are obvious, I believe the beauty, comfort, and freedom that it offers is superior to living in an apartment. However, money was the decisive factor in my case.
Here are some ideas to help you create the picture of your dream home.

Before you decide whether to buy a house or an apartment, it is important to get to know your family and draw up a list of all the needs. A spacious kitchen is what the wife desires. The child wants space to play. Your office and parking are important. If you live on the ground floor, your mother will be able to get into your home more easily. The list goes on.
Write down the features that you would like for your home. You can purchase a home if you have ticked 90% of these features. You shouldn’t buy anything on impulse, or on an emotional basis. It is not a good idea to have a home that doesn’t work over time.
If you are looking to buy a home using a loan, a broker can help. It has a wide range of banking offers from many financial institutions. The services of brokers are completely free. Brokers’ services are free. A broker can negotiate a better deal with the bank and create your credit file. The broker will be there for you throughout the credit process, up to the time that you receive the financing.

How do you select the right home for you?
Don’t rush! You have the luxury of time to find the home you desire.

There is a 95% chance that final credit approval will be granted if a bank gives you financial approval for 90 days.
Both mortgages and first homes can be paid off in advance at 0% interest. You will pay no interest on any amount you pay in advance.
You can choose a shorter credit term if you are going to make early payments. This will not only reduce the monthly credit rate but also shortens the payment time.
You should check the sun’s rays on an apartment located on the first floor. This will help you to estimate how much heat it will produce in summer.
Avoid apartments on the 4th and 10th floors of 4-storey blocks. Apartments on the 4th floor in 4-storey blocks and those on the 10th floor in 10-storey blocks are better than apartments at a lower level. You should check the condition of your roof if you choose an apartment on the highest level.

How do you select the right home for you?

Make sure to inspect the plumbing and electrical.
Take a look at the recent improvements.
You should check the age of your heating system. If it is older than 8-10 years, it will need to be replaced in 1-2 years.
Ask the owner if they are willing to hold off on making the payment until you receive the First Home loan/mortgage.
Check to see if the housing documents are in order. Also, verify that all rooms and annexes have been listed in the housing documents.
Verify if the home is in default of any debts.
You will be charged at least 100 lei more for maintenance if your apartment does not have a central heating system but the ones above it are connected to the heating network. Why? Because they aren’t unplugged, and because the warm pipes run through your apartment.

How do you select the right home for you?
Imagine growing old in the home you love when you feel you have found your perfect home.

Are you imagining your children growing up in this property?

You don’t want noisy neighbors.
If your apartment is located on a higher floor and there is no elevator, consider whether you are able to carry shopping, the child, or the stroller, up the stairs.

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