April 21, 2024

Here are 10 ways to incorporate marble into your home decor

Interior design trends have shifted to a more natural approach in recent years. Both the materials and the decorations used are more in line with the natural environment. Prefabricated materials are preferable to wood, stone, artisan ceramic and natural leather. Marble is still a luxury material and is a popular element in both old and new villas.

Marble is often associated with cold, large rooms or classic sculptures in museums. However, it has a special beauty and unique appearance that no other material can match. Each marble slab contains a distinct image due to the unique colors and ways it was created. Marble is a metamorphic rock made of recrystallized carbonate minerals (most commonly calcite and dolomite). It is easy to process and polish because it is as hard as it is durable.

Marble’s brilliance, versatility, and subtle beauty can be used in home decor, from accents in rooms to kitchen and bathroom furniture, fireplaces, and flooring. Marble furniture pieces can be used to add value to your home, whether it’s for small pieces like a coffee table or as an alternative to kitchen worktops.

1. Marble floor

Marble is best used on large surfaces so its beauty can be seen. The most common application of marble in a home is for flooring. Marble floors are a popular choice due to its smooth and shiny appearance and ease of cleaning. Marble flooring can be either classic or modern depending on how you decorate your room.

It is most commonly used in the kitchen or bathroom because it maintains cleanliness. Despite the cold feeling it can cause, it is welcomed in the living or hallways. You can use marble tiles of different colors or sizes to break up the museum-like look.

You can add a little marble to the living room by marking where the chairs will go. Or, you can tile the entire floor in marble and use a different color for the furniture. Marble can be combined with rare essence parquet to create a stunning and sophisticated effect. Marble can be painted or inlaid to create a unique interior.

2. Marble fireplace

Fireplaces are a bold addition to the living room. While the minimalist design is most popular for fireplaces in living rooms, it’s not uncommon to see decorations that are art nouveau or art deco in personalization.

3. The countertop and sink in the bathroom

The stone is ideal for high temperatures and humid environments. It also has a high resistance to external influences. Marble is ideal for bathroom design because of its water resistance. Marble is great for bathroom design. The marble can be used to tile the floor or make a bathtub. Sometimes the sink and top of the tub are also made from marble. Avoid using dark colors in bathrooms because limescale deposits can unintentionally stain marble tiles. You can opt for shades of khaki or beige to achieve a unique result.

4. Shower cabin

Another home improvement that can easily be made from marble is the shower cubicle. Marble shower tubs are very pleasant to touch. The soft material inspires relaxation and elegance. Marble is also compatible with stainless steel, glass and other metals.

5. Kitchen furniture tops

Marble countertops are highly recommended because of their water resistance, ease of cleaning and sanitization, and pleasant, relaxing appearance. Marble countertops are heavy and require special care in the design of the furniture. It must be strong enough to withstand the weight. A marble kitchen island will make the kitchen stand out, especially if it is black or green.

Marble’s only defect is its sensitivity against acids, fats, and abrasive substances, which can stain its surface. It is essential that marble is cared for with special wax or waterproofing solutions after installation to prevent staining.

6. Accent objects

Marble decorations can transform any home’s appearance. You can add elegance and luxury to any room with a marble accent. Marble is a great choice for blending with wood and other metals, such as chrome or copper. This is because marble combines the colors of the metal elements with those of marble. Marble can be used to decorate any room. You can use it for pots, vases and candle holders. In the kitchen, you can use salt and cutlery holders, choppers, or trays. In the bathroom, marble can be used for stands and supports.

7. Marble stairs

Marble stairs are designed for apartments’ entrances and hallways. They can be combined with other materials such as wood, stainless steel, or glass to suit any style of living. Marble interior stairs, like flooring, are elegant and easy to maintain.

8. Marble balustrades

Marble balustrades can be durable and easy to maintain. They can also be made into various models by using polishing to create a unique look. Marble balustrades are soft to the touch and have a unique elegance.

9. Marble furniture

Marble furniture can be uncomfortable, but it is very effective at keeping you cool. Marble furniture is strong and durable and can last for a lifetime. You should take great care when measuring and calculating your marble pieces before you buy. You don’t need to stick to neutral colors. A colored marble table with a wrought iron frame or stainless steel frame is a great way to bring life to a space.

10. White marble walls

Marble walls can be luxurious and versatile. Although marble isn’t often used to decorate walls, it can make any room look great. Marble can be used to decorate a small space or one wall or the whole room.

Marble’s versatility makes it an ideal stone for certain areas in the house. It is also recommended for its unique appearance, with different colors, patterns, and grains.

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